IMG_0312Hello! I’m Shannon, a curious and quirky blogger living in British Columbia, Canada. By day I am a software analyst. By night, I am a chronic worrier struggling to find my place in this big, overwhelming world. The last few years of my life have been ones of great transformation for me personally, as I have begun to learn to navigate a world full of competing pressures to be successful  and to find true happiness (whatever that means…). I have been on a hunt for answers (to mostly unanswerable questions) and would like to share what I’ve learned with others in the hope that perhaps one person may be inspired to improve their life too.


So, why ablater? Is this some nerdy science blog?

Nope. I’ve just always loved this term and what it means to me (although, yes, I am a science nerd who could talk about glaciers for days).


I first learned about the concept of ablation in grade 9 geography class. We learned that glaciers can lose mass through melting and evaporation, yet still manage to grow.

Likewise, I am in the process of shedding my negative thought patterns, growing out of old beliefs, and modifying habits that are no longer helpful all while trying to move forward and grow. If you don’t get the cheesy metaphor, no worries 🙂

I hope that I might be able to free up some precious mental space and energy if I release some of my thoughts into the cloud. I have always enjoyed writing and documenting my journeys, so why not do so publicly? So stay tuned for a steady flow of reflections about my life and my perspective of things along the way.

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